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Accounting at Timbereng School

Timbereng-School offers accounting courses for all levels. Accounting is a vital sector of the business world and is constantly being recruited. Regardless of the level of study, accounting is accessible to all and allows for lifelong learning.

The training as a bookkeeper will enable you to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for the processing of complete documents common in companies. Afterwards you can complete your knowledge with the training of accountant.


  • General accounting, Timbereng-School offers general accounting courses in accordance with the Swiss Chart of Accounts.
  • Cost accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Statistics
  • Probability

Our added value

Improve your skills or develop new ones

Each accounting course offered by Timbereng-School is tailored to the needs of companies. During their training, students acquire real skills that will help them develop their careers in the accounting and business management sector. We offer professional training and preparation for accounting diplomas.


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